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1) Blois’s airfield history :


In 1930, the airfield was built in the south of Blois, in La Borde. It was a field with an hangar. There was only a little activity, and sometimes, there were exhibitions.

It was the French “Popular Aviation”.

Just before World War two, the French Air Force built an airfield in the north of Blois at Le Breuil. It was used by the German Luftwaffe as an emergency airfield during the war.


Just after World War two, civilian aircraft came to Le Breuil and began activities.


 In 1964, the Aero club relocated to the existing place.


So, actually, Blois-Le Breuil airfield is a very nice airfield with engine aircraft activity, glider activity and Ultra light activity. There is also an Ultra Light builder, engine maintenance company and a control tower. 


2) My website :


My website displays stories and pictures about vintage aircraft which are based at the airfield.


A) In “Partie générale”,


 we can see :


- Liens : Websites about classic aircraft, light aicraft, plastic models kits and U control models

- Album photo : pictures about our daily life in the airfield and during our exhibitions.

- Fly In : pictures about our Fly In.

- Vu dans la presse : about pictures which are publish in newspapers.

- calendriers des manifestations : dates about exhibitions, open days and fly Ins.

- Visites et activités : Calls, conferences, activities with others associations and children.


B) In Buck’Air ,


 we can see :

The story of the Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann, a beautiful biplane which is based at the airfield.

It was built in Spain in 1950, and was used during the film “l’as des as” with the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. There are a lot of pictures, technical information, dates of exhibitions,…


C) In Blois Spotter,


 we can see :

- Les avions : historic information and pictures about Blois’s vintage aircraft.

- L’histoire de l’aviation : The story of Blois’s Aviation

- Recits et aventures : stories of Blois’s old pilots

- Avions ayant quitté le Breuil : Historic information and pictures about vintage aircraft which have left the airfield.


D) In Minicab’s Story,


 we can see :

The story of the Gardan GY201 Minicab, This training two seater aircraft was flown for the first time in 1949. About 150 were built. The F-PJOJ was built in 1961 by a French fighter pilot in Reims. A lot of technical pictures, details,…


Have a good read, best regards, the webmaster…J-Pierre


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